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Most designer home builders offer a complete knockdown rebuild service for their clients.

The builder will take you through all the steps including:

  • Selecting a home design best suited for your block size or custom designing a home.
  • Colour selections and all fixture & fittings options.
  • Completing plans, soil testing, engineering and land surveys.
  • Obtaining permits and organising demolition.
  • Taking care of the complete build from start to finish.
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How long will it take to build a home?
After council approval, the construction period of a standard size home is generally between 6-12 months. However the complexity, size and inclusions of the home can affect the length of the construction period. Always check with your builder when having your design consultation.
Do custom builders also have standard plans?
Most custom builders will have a range of standard plans that you can choose from or use as a starting point & modify for your needs.
What are site costs?
The main quote will only cover the cost and inclusions of the house itself. Anything that is outside of the house or has to do with the condition of the land will fall within the site cost.

Your site costs will vary depending on the complexity of your land and design.

Site Conditions which can increase your site costs are:

  • Soil condition, whether it is a sandy site or clay site. If it is clay site, is extra engineering required?

  • Is the land flat or is there a slope? Are retaining walls required?
  • Are there any easements within the site?

  • Are all of the services available on site? How much run-in is required for each service? Do you need to relocate the water meter if applicable?

  • Are there any boundary fences? Are they installed on the boundary line?

  • Is there any existing house to be demolished?

  • Is there existing rubbish on site that needs to be removed?

  • Are there lots of existing trees to be removed? Are soakwells allowed to be installed on site? (A soakwell is a product designed to divert and control storm water runoff)

  • Do you require the builder to do some external work such as letterbox, clothlines, landscaping, fences and gates.

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